Call Centers, Social Media, and You

Gone are the old ways of call centers being just call centers. According to Business Solutions, the best call centers are now integrating multimedia queuing, mobile experience, email, and other ways to get in contact with consumers. The goal is to get their feedback recorded and their needs met based on how they operate in this digital age.

Creating a safe space

The use of several different outlets to get in touch with customers is a key indicator that you are invested in their time and experience. Social media is an especially effective strategy to engage with consumers.

According to the Telegraph, the average person has five social media accounts that they spend browsing for an hour and forty minutes every day. Imagine how much more effective your business would be if you were to appear on the public’s screens within that hour and forty minutes a day—maybe even more than once as you use multiple platforms.

Representing Your Business’s Future

Engaging with consumers through several outlets also lends credibility to the company you’re representing. Growing with technology means a company is growing with the ideas of the times and can relate to the general public. It gives you an edge when compared to companies who are stuck in traditional marketing.

Keeping up with technology means you should be expanding the ways you’re reaching your consumers. Companies in Tijuana that offer call centers outsourcing services are gradually embracing the digital world with social media campaigns to help you build a better rapport with your customers and prospects. It’s simple yet powerful tool that could set your business apart.


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