Setting Call Center Agents Up for Success

Customers in a good mood are easy to talk to, but it’s when they get heated when problems start developing, making it hard for your call center agents to find a peaceful solution. With these techniques, they’ll better their odds of diffusing these heated conversations.

Win Them Over with Kindness

It’s easy for agents to get upset with an angry customer, changing their tone as a means of defending themselves. Teaching your agents to do the opposite, however, can yield incredible results. Make sure your agents are extremely courteous to angry customers, but not so much so that their attitude comes up as fake.

Another trick is to implement the questioning technique. This involves asking the customer why they are upset and following this up with more questions. This not only helps your agents find a solution, but it gives the customer time to cool down as well.

Be Upfront

Customers do not like being lied to, so your agents need to have integrity and be honest throughout the entire conversation. If there is going to be a slight hold because the agent has to search for an answer, he or she needs to notify the customer as quickly as possible. That way, the customer isn’t just sitting on the other line, thinking their time is not valuable.

These simple, yet effective tips can take your call center agents from good to exceptional. Then, they’ll be better prepared to handle any type of customer that calls in.


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