What to Look for When Hiring a Chat Agent

Call center agents are great for when you have a lot of calls to answer daily. Not all agents are created equal, though. Consider these traits as you look for call center services.


Did you know that the number of people who speak languages other than English has gone up tremendously? People in the United States, in particular, are starting to speak more Spanish. To capture this audience and expand into other markets, hire agents that are bilingual.

When you’re talking to a customer who doesn’t speak English, you need an agent who speaks their native language fluently because they’ll steer the conversation in the right direction. Furthermore, these agents help you target a more diverse audience in hopes of garnering more sales.


Being adaptable is key for any business situation, but even more so when communicating. But what makes a person adaptable? Generally, the more skills a person has, the better they can adapt when faced with challenging scenarios.

You might want to measure adaptiveness so you can ensure problems are handled correctly. Have candidates answer a series of complex questions that they have never seen before. Time them and see how they react. This helps you weed out those who don’t do well when the stakes are high.

You don’t have forever to create a successful business. Make the most out of your small window by narrowing down what type of skills you want your call center agents to have.


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