Retain Your Insurance Customers By Using Inbound Call Center Services

As people say, there are only two certainties in life: taxes and death. So, it’s not surprising why many Americans buy insurance policies to protect against unforeseeable tragedies. The U.S. insurance industry is the largest in the world, valued at $1.2 trillion as of 2015.

As a country boasting one of the largest Hispanic populations in the world, the U.S. relies on that market segment to generate a considerable amount of revenue. According to census data, about 17% of all American citizens possess Hispanic roots, equating to about 52 million people. Since the median age of this demographic is just 27 years old–a full 10 years younger than the general population–Hispanics are particularly lucrative prospects.

As a result, companies have invested a lot of money into reaching out to them. From bilingual websites to Spanish-language ads, insurers are going all out to land these coveted clienteles.


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