Saving Money By Outsourcing

It has been said, time and again, that outsourcing can save you in terms of overhead costs. On the other hand, the question is, how much do you really get to save when you outsource such an important function as customer service?

Agent Hours

One of the advantages of customer service outsourcing is the fact that you only have to pay for hours worked. Unlike with regular employees, where you have to pay 100% of his salary for the day, regardless of whether he works or not, you only have to pay about 75% of the salary when it comes to an outsourced call center.

Full Time Equivalent

Full Time Equivalent, more commonly known as FTE, is the hours worked by a full-time employee. It is typically used by call centers when converting the hours worked of part-time employees. If you would be getting the services of a customer service outsourcing provider, you will experience a 5% reduction in your FTE. This is because customer service centers make use of various tools and technology to better manage their workforce and ensure maximum use of resources.

All-In Charges

The regular charges that you have to pay when you get the services of a customer service outsourcing company would also include the cost of managing your account. Costs for coaching and training the agents, as well as upgrade of technology as needed, are included. The service provider would also be the one responsible for assessing the risk of any changes in the technology being used in order to handle the calls or channels of contact.


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